Take Five:
Write On, 2015
Time Travel


Imagine you had to wake up in a different decade, a different year – when would you choose? Why would you choose that period of time – get romantic! What would you wear, drive...or eat? What would your daily reality be like – would your career, family, our outlook be different? What would be easiest to get used to...and what would be the toughest? What would you pull about an idealized past into your present day...and what would you pull from the present into the past?

January 31
Mapmaker, Mapmaker


The backyard of your childhood home. Your favorite hidden outdoor spot. The strangest room you've ever spent the night in. The best bike ride route through town. Draw a map of a special, memorable, or unique location – and describe it. What stands out strongest? What sights, smells, and sounds were you surrounded by? How did you find out about a place, or what was your initial reaction? What time of day is 'prime time'? Draw a map, then paint us a (word) picture.

This month's prompt came from Rebecca Huehls.

February 28
Let me ask you something...

What do you wish people would ask you, but no one ever does?

This month's prompt came via Lydia from uncommon.cc

March 31
Spin Your Tires


Share a tale from the road – a memorable childhood trip, the backpacking adventure that wasn't quite a disaster, the honeymoon of your dreams, a forgotten itinerary, or something that happened on the way from Point A to Point B. Where the rubber meets the road, or the wings touch the sky (and anywhere in-between) – write your travel tale.

April 30
Remember When...

In a hundred words or less: time to dig into the memory bank – share something that sticks out from the past. A smell, a scene, the space between childhood and the present. Make it concrete, make it messy, or make it colorful. You have 100 words: be solid and succinct!

Hat-tip to Jackie Lutzke for the word limit theme.

May 28
More Than ______.

Is there a word, role, or name that often defines you? Time to break free – redefine yourself, building your case out of words, thoughts, or images.
Why are you more than ______?

June 30
Surf's Up


Share a tale that smells like salt and spray – what ocean (or other body of water) sticks out in your mind? Dig in to a childhood memory, a sand-filled story, or explore the world of water – whether they're waves, waterfalls, or a silent lake.

July 30
Falling Forward


Have you accomplished goals you set out to achieve this year? How have you had to reset? What will it take to get where you need to be by the year's end? Is there a smaller goal you could go after in the coming weeks to move forward?

August 31
Everyone Should ______

"You mean you haven't ______?" What's something you've done – a place less traveled, an unknown journey, a mandatory work ordeal, knowledge you had to battle to learn – that you believe others should experience? What formative life experience would you add to someone else's must-do list?

This month's prompt was inspired by Robby Slaughter.

September 30
Dear Me

Let's face it – your younger self could use some advice. Good thing your older self is well-equipped to dispense it! With worldly wit and aplomb – or world-weariness and foreboding – write a letter to a distant self in the past. Or! Mix it up and compose pertinent reminders for a future you.

October 31