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Write On, 2015

New year, new blogging! It's hard to believe this marks the fifth year for our project. This year we made a BIG decision to move our 31 day challenge to January going forward. You can expect more prompt goodness, direct to your inbox. As always, we're collecting ideas submitted by you


January 14, 2015
Methods used to survive, and even enjoy, 31 straight days of writing....
In a writing slump? Try one of these ideas: bit.ly/1wN1mLn #ThinkKit15
What happens if you go off into the woods and listen to Alan Watts lectures? @jebbanner explains: bit.ly/1ZGsePc
New #ThinkKit15 prompt alert! Everyone should _________. bit.ly/1wN1mLn Thanks to @robbyslaughter for the prompt idea.
Long live print. nyti.ms/1QXZyvn
We're all about creative collaboration... love some of these exercises! bit.ly/1Kw5Ixx
Your pen is your weapon, and other lessons for writers » bit.ly/1OiGCIo
New prompt! Have you accomplished goals you set out to achieve this year? How have you had to reset? bit.ly/1wN1mLn #ThinkKit15
RT @mjheeke: Thanks to @ThinkKit for bringing 'The Alphabet Project' to my attention! sentinelandenterprise.com/news/ci_284720… #inspiration
Writing, party for one. twitter.com/theatlantic/st…
New prompt alert! Explore the world of water with #thinkkit15 » bit.ly/1wN1mLn
Harper Lee and lessons for revision » bit.ly/1RN4MOL
RT @JAFigy: Hi, my name is James, and I’m a late-oholic. New @ThinkKit blog: wp.me/p2bJD5-e5
When writing crews collide! Had fun bridging #ThinkKit15 with @TheGeekyPress tonight for some writerly fun.
The Strange Rise of the Writers’ Space » newyorker.com/books/page-tur…
Why are you more than ______? bit.ly/1wN1mLn #ThinkKit15
The post that inspired our new #ThinkKit15 prompt. More than Just ___ by @sara_mc: bit.ly/1GK3P1h Thanks @zigged for the suggestion!
Is there a word, role, or name that often defines you? Time to break free » bit.ly/1wN1mLn #ThinkKit15
RT @SmallBox: We love @LibertasIndy's mission. That part of why we chose them to be this year's #24H_P partner. bit.ly/1SYPyU2
RT @JAFigy: Catching up on @ThinkKit blogs: June 6, 2015 - wp.me/p2bJD5-dX
RT @indystar: Remember summer reading programs as a kid? @indylibrary is bringing them back for adults. indy.st/1H8Iosd pic.twitter.com/64ltTJUQRA
Oh man. We need a writing tent. This @PBS project is totally not just for kids, right?! pbs.org/parents/advent…
This one looks fun. "ONE TIME AT ____ CAMP: STORIES OF SUMMER" » facebook.com/events/4947031…
Don’t fear the blogging! New post by @aleighn » bit.ly/1FSndtN (This one might be good for our #ThinkKit15 friends!)
Remember When... A #ThinkKit15 writing prompt blog post about being a kid on a Big Wheel in summer. bgkahuna.com/2015/05/rememb…
"In principle I believe that every human being on this planet has at least one good story to tell his neighbor." medium.com/keep-learning-…
Remember when… in 100 words (or less!) » bit.ly/1wN1mLn New #ThinkKit15 prompt! Hat tip to @thriftraff for the word limit idea.
If a van flips at one thirty a.m. in rural Idaho with no one around to see it, did it happen? bit.ly/1EvTTDY @JAFigy #ThinkKit15
What writing challenge captures your imagination? Suggest a prompt & earn Think Kit fame: bit.ly/1Ct60EY
In case you want a soundtrack to your writing… bit.ly/1cRDiEN (hat tip @AbVelda)
"The mind is bottomless. There’s always more.” bit.ly/1QXVlbk (hat tip @jawbrain)
RT @24hrwebproject: #24H_P applications are open through 5/11! Check out some project inspiration here » bit.ly/1IRBUMx
Share your tale from the road. How did you get from point A to point B? thinkkit.org/thinkkit/2015/… #ThinkKit
RT @JAFigy: New @ThinkKit blog: The Great Vanagon Adventure, pt. I wp.me/p2bJD5-du #Adventureisoutthere
Have a trip coming up? Or an old one you want to relive? We wanna hear about it! New #ThinkKit prompt is up » bit.ly/1wN1mLn
Guys! @24hrwebproject is on the hunt for an #indy #nonprofit who needs a re-brand, website, or other challenge. Who should apply? #24H_P
Calling all #ThinkKit writers in #indy! Have you heard of the @TheGeekyPress & their #WriterHack events? bit.ly/1DwHfnH
RT @kaseybradley: Here’s some legit writing advice from a swell guy. RT @illbzo1: A first draft doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to
RT @NiceGrants: Bring us your #nice! @SmallBox & @developertown can't wait to see whatcha got. #nicegrants deadline is today! nicegrants.org
RT @mkrack: Unwillingly forced to partial draft mode for weeks, I've caught up to the #MapmakerMapker prompt! bit.ly/1ytbuAH @Think
Our latest #ThinkKit prompt was short and sweet » What do you wish people would ask you, but no one ever does?
RT @JAFigy: "The more you write, the more you have to write. It becomes the way you think, the way you feel." -Poet Alice Friman at @uindy
RT @SmallBox: We’re accepting applications for #nicegrants through April 17th. bit.ly/1ON5Pu8
Let me ask you something… bit.ly/1wN1mLn #ThinkKit
Sign up to add yourself to the list of 2015 bloggers: bit.ly/1kJSi4x #ThinkKit
A few of our #ThinkKit friends might want to get in on this #TwitterFiction action » bit.ly/1a2xAiv
RT @Indianapolis_CM: Loving the talk and presentation from @ronlewhorn this morning! Couldn't make it? We'll post it soon! #contrast http:/pic.twitter.com/efOmrykQ7w
What happens when the public self and the writing self merge » mobile.nytimes.com/blogs/opiniona…
"I couldn’t tell you how to get there, except in your mind.” bit.ly/1B8MqKE #ThinkKit
Made a map to my secret place. It’s not to scale, but maybe you can find it… bit.ly/1B8MqKE #ThinkKit prompt by @RebeccaHuehls
Draw a map, then paint us a (word) picture. Prompt #2 is up » bit.ly/1wN1mLn #ThinkKit
Share your writing tips with us! Here are a few of ours » bit.ly/1DG6lG6 #ThinkKit
“A title is like a poem.” nyti.ms/1GMTZdu
RT @jcufaude: Very cool idea. RT @PublicCollect: We're excited to announce The Public Collection! Learn more: thepubliccollection.org & foll…
The backyard of your childhood home. Your favorite hidden spot. Draw a map, then paint us a (word) picture. bit.ly/1wN1mLn #ThinkKit
Welcome to #ThinkKit, @laneletters! Glad to have you aboard.
RT @lynseelou: hi friends, I'm trying to write more. shameless plug to follow my work here: lsellblog.wordpress.com thanks @ThinkKit for th…
Love this prompt. RT @ThinkKit: Mapmaker, mapmaker… bit.ly/1zCfXLb Hat tip to @RebeccaHuehls for this idea! #ThinkKit
New prompt, hot off the press. Mapmaker, mapmaker… bit.ly/1wN1mLn Hat tip to @RebeccaHuehls for this idea! #ThinkKit
So @ThinkKit, I failed miserably at posting in Dec, making up for it now, New Blog post with prompt from #thinkkit knmillspaugh.wordpress.com/2015/02/26/thi…
We’re going back to the word processor, you guys. The Hemingwrite. It’s a thing. Would you use it? bit.ly/18j2ank
RT @GaryJMcLaren: "Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the Internet." ~ Anonymous #amwriting http://t.co/Vv49jkQWpic.twitter.com/Vv49jkQWGc
Dip into the past, or get futuristic. What’s new and shiny about your envisioned world? bit.ly/18DdVVv #ThinkKit
Imagine yourself in another era. What would be easiest to get used to ...and what would be the toughest? bit.ly/18DdVVv #ThinkKit
RT @sara_mc: Am I alone in thinking it’s ageist and off the mark to build a separate office within an office for Millenials? http://t.co/WLbit.ly/1DwlIQz
RT @thriftraff: So, i have this #100words project, where i write--hold onto your seats for this--100 words about each day. Check it. http:/jackielutzke.tumblr.com
If time travel were possible, what would you pull from the present into the past? bit.ly/1wN1mLn
Imagine you had to wake up in a different decade, a different year – when would you choose? bit.ly/1wN1mLn #ThinkKit
Lessons learned from a daily writing practice » bit.ly/1DG6lG6 #ThinkKit
Thinking over this #ThinkKit prompt. A real noodler, this one. bit.ly/18DdVVv (Good prompting, @drew_now)
If you want to be in our 2015 #ThinkKit participant listing, you’ll need to sign up again! bit.ly/1wN2nDp
Who doesn’t like a little time travel? bit.ly/18DdVVv #ThinkKit
If you’re having trouble keeping your blog alive, fear not! We’re back with monthly prompts: bit.ly/1wN1mLn #ThinkKit
RT @YangHoff: @ChoosingChange @angieadoptee @BryanTKR thanks for Intro! Here is some info about my journey that I wrote @ThinkKit http://tthekornykorean.tumblr.com/post/104257171…
Soon we’ll be back to our monthly prompts! If you have an idea, our suggestion box is open » bit.ly/1Ct60EY #ThinkKit
In case you guys need a little motivation to write, here’s plenty. Writing your way to happiness » nyti.ms/1C2frv8
blogging my way through a weird sleep schedule, as usual » christinedigangi.com/2015/01/15/all… #thinkkit pic.twitter.com/bm5Q14kux5
White Pine Wilderness Academy and Indy Hostel present Storytelling: Treks, Hikes & Misadventures » bit.ly/1ylyZbg
The practice of daily writing by @sara_mc: bit.ly/1DG6lG6 #ThinkKit
Did you have a favorite #ThinkKit prompt this year? A least favorite? Feel free to let us know!
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What’s your post #ThinkKit writing plan look like? We want to know.
#ThinkKit writer @thriftraff has a new project! She's trying to capture her days in 100 words. Check it » bit.ly/17BMBpW
Here’s what a month of blogging looks like: on.fb.me/1473jeD #ThinkKit
RT @penguinrandom: Get to Work: On the Best Advice Writers Ever Received: ow.ly/GTbgi @The_Millions
RT @erica_stevens: For post ideas, I not only write about what's relevant in my life but I pick and choose topics from @ThinkKit and The Da
RT @ThinkKit: Today’s prompt: What are you on the fence about? It’s ok to be wishy-washy sometimes. bit.ly/1bpDnxD #ThinkKit
Congrats! MT @SquidHead79: I just hit publish on my 331st blog post! Thank you #ThinkKit - it's been a helluva ride… bit.ly/14hEOME
Poor dogs, indeed! RT @EmmaLindhagen: The last #ThinkKit prompt is up on my blog! With a NYE haiku. bit.ly/14hEspt
Anyone's inbox feel a little lighter without a little prompt email? #ThinkKit
Hey @ThinkKit - I did it! All 31 days - nora-leona.blogspot.com Can we do this in different month next time? December was tough! #ThinkKit
The last #ThinkKit prompt is up on my blog! With a NYE haiku. emmalindhagen.com/2015/01/five-s…
RT @ThinkKit: Today’s prompt: What's your strangest story from last year? Let's get weird! » bit.ly/1bpDnxD #ThinkKit