Think Kit #4:
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Crystal Ball

Tell a future story. Make it personal, or look outward. What's the future you doing in December 2015? December 2024? What is happening in the world a year from now? Ten years from now? 

Dear ____

Write an open letter to someone. Anyone. ...even yourself!

A Sit-Down

Interview someone: a friend...or a stranger. Ask questions that are deep – or simple! Record a conversation and see where it takes you. What was their favorite moment this year? What did they wake up thinking about this morning? What do they hope for in 2015?

Best Of

Everyone's a critic! Share your yearly "Best Of" list – it could be movies or music, moments in time...anything you can rank! 


What's your perfect day look like? Make it full of fantasy, or just laid-back and ideal. Can you work toward making it your reality? Have you had a day that was almost perfect? 


Take a picture from a different perspective. Tell a story from a viewpoint other than your own. What did you learn?

Pause Button

How do you pause your day? What's a break look like in your world – is it refreshing, reenergizing, or restful? What makes you able to keep on keepin' on?


Describe your favorite meal of the year. Where were you? Who were you with? Get sensory – make someone drool!

Make It So

What one technology do you hope becomes a reality in 2015? Is it helpful? Revolutionary? Or just plain cool?

Road Stories

Getting places. Tell a story about transporation, about getting from Point A to Point B – whether it's a road trip, a long bus ride, or bicycling nowhere in particular.

A Day In The Life

Pick a day – any day – and blog your way through it. Share any photos, insights, or happenings from 24 hours of being you. What was your reaction to documenting your life for a day? Were there any discoveries from sorting through the minutaie of your daily life? Did you tell anyone else what you were doing? 

One Question

If you could ask anyone in the world a single question – who would you pick? What would you ask?