Think Kit #4:
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Starting in 2014, we decided it was high time to keep the Think Kit candle burning throughout the year. In addition to the intensity of daily posting in December, we sent out a writing prompt curated from our community once per month. We loved sharing prompts created by members of the extended family.

Think Kit grew again in 2014. Our subscribers doubled, and the hash tag stayed buzzing all through December. Our home state of Indiana was well-represented, but members were located all over the world.

December 29, 2014
Technology is supposed to make communication easier -- But this isn't about communication -- it's about conversation, and there's a critical difference. ...
December 28, 2014
Human beings find their drive through so many different channels: pressure, competition, emotions. These things will perpetually push us toward our desired destinations, but instead I’m looking to be pulled.. guided towards a new way of thinking....
December 26, 2014
An unexpected view from an unexpected trip could very well be the most beautiful things I've ever seen....
December 24, 2014
Before heading out for holiday break, we want to take a moment to express thanks to our SmallBox family....
December 23, 2014
When it comes to charitable interests, my heart gravitates towards the organizations that focus on animal welfare and this year, I was introduced to one that has really captivated my attention - Save the Chimps....
December 22, 2014
Ahh, the Anti-Prompt! Permission to write about anything...or nothing! It's the 22nd day of ThinkKit and it's time to just stop thinking for a minute, don't you think?...
December 20, 2014
Choosing cronuts and other thoughts on loving the gray zone and embracing ambiguity....
December 18, 2014
This spring, I was a little stuck. I didn't realize it yet, but I was at the very start of a creative withdrawal. I really needed perspective from outside of my daily sphere of influence....
December 17, 2014
Ordinary objects can carry powerful memories. What do you have in your pockets?...
December 16, 2014
If this doesn't make your heart explode, then you're not human....
December 15, 2014
This year was a year to live in doubles. ...
December 13, 2014
Perspective is everything! To get this point across, I went analog....
December 12, 2014
Taking time to re-charge is easier said than done. After running my tank empty, I've learned the importance of making time to re-fuel and energize myself and have committed to making that a key habit for 2015....
December 11, 2014
With World Cup and Indy Eleven fever wild around the city in 2014, it was hard NOT to get on the field this summer....
December 10, 2014
It’s not often that it’s okay to find joy in the domination of others, but at Gen Con... your alter-ego reigns supreme....
December 09, 2014
My plan for 2015? More rocking, more often....
December 08, 2014
Making space in our work may have been one of our toughest challenges this year, but that's exactly what we set out to do with "create space!" as our rally cry. ...
December 07, 2014
Too often our conversations and relationships are complicated by the nuances of language. If, on the other hand, we innately understood what others meant and intended, we might be able to engage based on curiosity rather than defend based on a perceived difference....
December 06, 2014
The folks at Petite Chou in Broad Ripple have Jeb's number... it's his "third place."...
December 05, 2014
Parting is such sweet sorrow but it leads to savory happiness....
December 04, 2014
How "versus" helps create a story......
December 03, 2014
Beer! Babies! Laughs!...
December 02, 2014
Devil's advocacy can be a useful tool to explore different viewpoints, but it can be damaging when misused. ...
December 01, 2014
A journey through my year of celebrating milestones....
February 25, 2014
Sometimes, the pay-off is in the persistence....
RT @writingbikes: still writing overdue #thinkkit posts » that time I didn't have chapstick, my love of #coworki...
yep, listening to 'blank space' right now #thinkkit
I just hit publish on my 331st blog post! Thank you #ThinkKit - it's been a helluva ride getting those…
Five Seven Five - #ThinkKit Day 31
still writing overdue #thinkkit posts » that time I didn't have chapstick, my love of #coworking & notable 2014 news
Evening ended watching scrubs with my folks and eating cheese sticks. Think I’m gonna fall into bed and do my #ThinkKit in the morning.
RT @ThinkKit: Today’s #ThinkKit prompt: What place stood out for you this year?
We did it! 31 days of #ThinkKit blogging.
Happy Haiku Year! from @the_ward, and all of us at SmallBox » #ThinkKit
Can I get a slomo filter for life? #ThinkKit
Seventeen syllables will get you through the last #ThinkKit prompt of 2014:…
I get to end December's #ThinkKit with haiku.
I've been slacking on the #ThinkKit wagon, but I feel pretty passionately about this one.…
The word that sums up my 2014 wasn’t what I’d have picked in the beginning, but it what just what I needed. #ThinkKit
Do you have a personal purpose statement? @elizabethheil shares hers » #ThinkKit
RT @ThinkKit: Today’s #ThinkKit prompt: Time to show off your handiwork: what did you make this year?
"Forever Young" was on replay in my dreams last night. You?->RT @ThinkKit: What was your #firsttune today? #ThinkKit
My word for today's #ThinkKit prompt is: Milestones!…
#ThinkKit Day 30: My word of the year is FORWARD.…
A Single Word – #ThinkKit Day 30
Woo another @ThinkKit post. What's my one word for 2014? #accomplishment #thinkkit…
“My most important goal is a D.U.M.B. goal. (Dispute the Urge to Measure, Bro!)” - @DanielFahrner // #ThinkKit
Playing elf, an @IndyFilmFest wonderland and much more in @JaneOfIndy’s megapost » #ThinkKit
Today’s #ThinkKit prompt: What one word sums up the past year? Now: unpack, unfold, and uncover it.
Shout at the World – #ThinkKit Day 29
Here’s the #firsttune I listened to today » What was yours? #ThinkKit
TK 2014 (29) - Shout at the World #SundaySalesMakeSense #ThinkKit
A topless fauxdenza, @SquidHead79? Scandalous! #ThinkKit
RT @ThinkKit: If you could make a # take off, what would it be? What conversation do you want to have? #ThinkKit
Nice! RT @mjheeke: Just caught up on my #ThinkKit blogging!
If you could make a # take off, what would it be? What conversation do you want to have with the world? #ThinkKit
A long lost photo served as good motivation for one of my 2015 goals » #ThinkKit
Inspiration for the New Year, @DanielFahrner style »… #ThinkKit
TK 2014 (28) - One Small Step Toward My First Quilt #ThinkKit
On that note, I can't believe #ThinkKit is almost over. It went by so quickly! As did, y'know, December.
Today's #ThinkKit is about the 101 Things in 1001 Days challenge:…
One Small Step aka "With a little help from my @FieldNotesBrand" - #ThinkKit Day 28
What to do when I'm way behind on #ThinkKit blogging? Write one long megapost to catch up!…
When I'm not writing, I'm a maker of many things, including, as of this year, purses. #thinkkit
New #ThinkKit prompt! What's one step you can take to support a goal you have for 2015?
Reshaping the world in finite pieces via #ThinkKit
Show & Tell – #ThinkKit Day 27
Creative and custom gifting, with the help of an app. New #ThinkKit post by @aleighn »…
Double trouble today at the blog, with two #ThinkKit prompts at once:…
#ThinkKit Show & Tell - Time to show off your handiwork: what did you make this year? Share something...
Just caught up on my #ThinkKit blogging!
I'm been a @ThinkKit blogging fool this month: #ThinkKit
Admirable dedication. But sleep is pretty great too! RT @SquidHead79 I'm not going to rest tonight until I get caught up on #ThinkKit blogs.
RT @jennzking: .@ThinkKit 100 Acres is the coolest place to go in Indy!
Today’s #ThinkKit prompt: Time to show off your handiwork: what did you make this year?
I'm not going to rest tonight until I get caught up on #ThinkKit blogs.
My favorite running pics of 2014 » #ThinkKit
Nothing trumps the beauty of nature. New #ThinkKit post by @nmkjeldsen »…
"And, honestly, I’m thankful to you. Because you’re reading this.” - @EmmaLindhagen // #ThinkKit
Today’s #ThinkKit prompt: What place stood out for you this year?
a small drawing inspires a small musing on unseen connections--traditions. #ThinkKit
Sometimes we notice things so that we might see something else. #ThinkKit
Thankfulness for space. @aleighn on her sabbatical »… #ThinkKit
Today's (well, yesterday's, actually) #ThinkKit about thankfulness:…
Ones of a kind: thoughts on tradition --> #MerryChristmas #ThinkKit
RT @StephanieSnay: A lovely @ThinkKit prompt for Christmas Eve. Dashing through the thank yous.…
Today’s #ThinkKit prompt: Share a photo from your year that highlights giving, thankfulness, traditions or peace.
Feeling grateful for the sameness of the holidays.… #ThinkKit
Empty Your Pockets (or in my case, closet):… #ThinkKit #blog
RT @SmallBox: Before we head out for holiday break, a quick thank you to our SmallBox family. #ThinkKit
For @ThinkKit today, I give thanks to a Doberman that has unconditional love.… #thinkkit
"It is terrible terrible terrible." I've had those moments too, @writingbikes! #thinkkit
Not sure I'll ever have the chance to borrow a nun's swimsuit! @noraleona #ThinkKit post »…
Need some help for @IndyFilmFest. For Wheel. #ThinkKit
Chef’s Choice – #ThinkKit Day 22
Lots of #thinkkit'n goin' on at Chez Pez - nun's bathing suits, July 4th in Africa, and the best job ever: @ThinkKit
We’re pretty big fans of freedom. For chimps too! @J35862’s new #ThinkKit post »
For today's @ThinkKit blog, I got inspired by the men and women at @RecycleForce.… #thinkkit
Will the @foofighters visit @TheStateLive in #Logansport? Well, "Stranger Things Have Happened." New #ThinkKit blog:
RT @sparksfly712: Life was much easier when I got my news from Dr. Seuss. -- Oh! The THINKS I Wont' Think #ThinkKit
.@JaneOfIndy You had us at "wolf masks"!
227 email subscriptions, you guys. I did a digital slash & burn today, thanks to @Unrollme » #ThinkKit
All caught up on #ThinkKit blogging. I had a rad weekend with friends. There was live band karaoke and wolf masks.…
Today's #ThinkKit prompt turned into a sketchy plan for 2015!…
And yes, a side of rosy applesauce is included with today's prompt. #ThinkKit
#ThinkKit Day 21 - what surprised you this year? I discovered I actually enjoy Taylor Swift's music. Cool cred gone.…
Catching up on #ThinkKit: For Day 20 I took a lifeline and imagined a perfect day:…
12/22 #ThinkKit: Write what’s ringing in your head, what you can't forget. Write the everyday & the extraordinary.
my sleeping schedule is 100% shot till after the holidays. #thinkkit
that one time i kinda sorta started a food blog » #thinkkit
Another #ThinkKit prompt is up on the blog, this time about surprises and the year 2015:…
One of my big a-ha moments this year came from a surprising place… #ThinkKit
I’ve never had a cronut, and that just seems wrong. #ThinkKit
On book-writing: "You leave blood on the page, spar with editors…” - @robbyslaughter // #ThinkKit
Which option would you have chosen? RT @mjheeke: TK 2014 (20): Wishy-Washy - Option 4 #ThinkKit
Today’s #ThinkKit prompt: What surprised you this year?
Tomorrow’s race day! And I really need it… #ThinkKit
Wishy-Washy - #ThinkKit Day 20
How many other #ThinkKit people used their @Spotify year in review for this post? :)…
TK 2014 (20): Wishy-Washy - Option 4 #ThinkKit Somewhere between cronuts, snuggles and Guy Fieri, I discovered a simple truth. #ThinkKit
The @SmallBox blog has all kinds of new posts up for #ThinkKit »
Making sense of the fence, in a way only @mdotslash can: #ThinkKit
"Kim Jong-un is a huge Chicago Bulls fan, well, we won’t be on the same page on that” - @YangHoff // #ThinkKit
No joke, @mjheeke. This song was everywhere. It was part of all of our soundtracks, like it or not. #ThinkKit
Today’s prompt: What are you on the fence about? It’s ok to be wishy-washy sometimes. #ThinkKit
RT @ThinkKit: Today’s #ThinkKit prompt: Who (or what) made a difference for you this year?
Collecting sounds: #ThinkKit
Insert Theme Music Here – #ThinkKit Day 19
Does it surprise anyone that what I consider my personal soundtrack this year is "1989" by @taylorswift13?… #ThinkKit
a friendship and one of its artifacts… #ThinkKit
Hey @ThinkKit - I finally finished all of those half-written blogs from this week. #ThinkKit
I like the musical #thinkkit posts, so here's my Insert Theme Music Here post.…
Need a soundtrack for your holiday break? @jebbanner has you covered: #ThinkKit
The cold never bothered me anyway... #ThinkKit TK 2014 (19) - Insert Theme Music Here
#ThinkKit - "Extra, Extra" - Take a moment to dip into the deep well of the past year’s 24-hour news cycle....
The pen is mightier than the sword. Let's do some writing folks. #ThinkKit
Today's #ThinkKit blog is my running playlist. Tell me what I'm missing!…
Listen up. Insert Theme Music Here. #ThinkKit
Today's #ThinkKit prompt: Insert Theme Music Here…
Today's #ThinkKit blog is about #music and other sounds:…
"Can we ever truly separate someone's work from who they are?" - @JaneOfIndy //… #ThinkKit
"It’s possible I cried at the end" - @SquidHead79 // #ThinkKit
Latkes, photo booths and a pilgrimage to VICE with @rachelrubes »… #ThinkKit
Been slacking off with my #ThinkKit prompts lately but today I’m back at it!
The marathon post! Or, how @louisfmeyer saved the day. #ThinkKit
Plus / Minus – #ThinkKit Day 18
Dug through my purse for today's #ThinkKit post (I'm a few days behind) and found a NYC MetroCard. Take me back!…
RT @JaneOfIndy: The best thing to happen to my work life this year was joining @SpeakEasyIndy. #ThinkKit Day 17…
Earlier this year, I was stuck. @jasonmoriber gave me some pretty awesome advice: #ThinkKit
RT @SmallBox: Good advice for getting unstuck: #ThinkKit
Today’s #ThinkKit prompt: Who (or what) made a difference for you this year?
Empty Your Pockets – #ThinkKit Day 17
New blog for #ThinkKit: The things I carried
When we moved into our house, we found the blueprints left behind, passed down from owner to owner… #ThinkKit
Need some new ideas of what to draw. Any ideas? #ThinkingOutLoud #ThinkKit
"It brings me joy to share those three words." - @mjheeke //… #ThinkKit
While he didn’t get to stay in a fancy yurt, @drew_now had a pretty great trip. » #ThinkKit
#THINKKIT PROMPT - "Look Outward, Look Inward" - By telescope or microscope, or no scope at all – what did...
#ThinkKit Day 17: Find an object and talk about the memories it brings up. I found a bandanna from the Peace Corps.…
Yesterday's #ThinkKit asked us about a news story that affected us. There were so many, but I wrote about Cosby.…
RT @jennzking: .@ThinkKit some people may not agree with how I feel, but the world needs more hugs and less gunshots.
Today's #ThinkKit - Share a physical relic from your year: a ticket stub, coffee-stained map, anything in a frame…
"Maybe we could have shared one last belly laugh." - @Efriedland // #ThinkKit
My technology wish » (Who can make this happen?!) #ThinkKit
Things that exploded @mdotslash’s heart this year » #ThinkKit
Feels good to be back on schedule. Extra, Extra - #ThinkKit Day 16
RT @Efriedland: Catching up on my @ThinkKit posts. Read about my psychic powers, fav song lyrics, meeting my brother + 2015 plans.
Let's see if I can catch up on my #ThinkKit posts or if should I just start with today's prompt.
.@SquidHead79 Sorry-not-sorry for creating a Gruyère craving!
Today’s prompt: What world event moved you this year? #ThinkKit
Oh, you know, it's 2 a.m. and I'm writing some blog posts. Enjoy: #ThinkKit
Lucky Numbers – #ThinkKit Day 15
Look Outward, Look Inward – #ThinkKit Day 14
Did you hear the news? Culture is the no. 1 word of 2014: #ThinkKit
Put Down Your Blog … – #ThinkKit Day 13
TK (Day 15): Brought to you by the number 3 #ThinkKit c: @michaelasmom @mandapanda
#ThinkKit Day 15 asks what was the most significant number for us this year. Mine? 26.2, of course.…
#ThinkKit post: My third place:
What are your writing rituals? Music or quiet? Coffee or wine? Home or elsewhere? #ThinkKit
#ThinkKit prompt is up! Today's topic: the number 27.…
2014 has been a year of twos for @tatumteresa » #ThinkKit
I turned 30 this year, am I supposed to feel like an adult now? Today's #ThinkKit post:…
What a weekend! Looking forward to getting caught up on #ThinkKit posts today.
RT @rachelrubes: Discovering new music in 2014 makes me happy, yesterday's #ThinkKit.…
Leave the ideologies at the door. Looking outward, looking inward. #ThinkKit
My #ThinkKit Day 14 post is about my latest TV obsession: Nashville…
Bonus round: my top 5 food discoveries of '14, including the one that made me feel like Ferdinand Magellan. #ThinkKit
A sweet bromance (across the ocean even) by @JAFigy » #ThinkKit
May I one day bring cowbell level intensity to the things I care about. #ThinkKit
#ThinkKit 14: Discovery – St. Monica Catholic Church
Thumbs up to blogging! :) RT @zeesouthcombe: What did I discover? #ThinkKit blog prompt
TK 2014 (14): The Flipside of @IndyCENLibrary! Lifeline #ThinkKit
There we go! All caught up on #ThinkKit
What did I discover? #ThinkKit blog prompt
Hand Written #ThinkKit blog prompt
Super behind on #ThinkKit posts.... woops.
Keeping it short and sweet for today's #ThinkKit prompt:…
Dear @ThinkKit— I didn't get to blog about it but I did this yesterday (address added later): #ThinkKit #cityswap
Today’s #ThinkKit prompt: Tell us about a discovery. An aspect of yourself, an artist, musician, a variety of cheese?
Yes! We were really hoping for some crayon drawings! RT @tatumteresa: #ThinkKit 13: Put Down Your Blog - O Tannenbaum
“I have to draw STRAIGHT lines?” & other thoughts on perspective by @sarahherbert18 // #ThinkKit
A glimpse at a pretty perfect day: #ThinkKit
#ThinkKit 13: Put Down Your Blog - O Tannenbaum
i hand write a lot bc the speed of it suits thinking, but today's #thinkkit prompt helped me relive a memory
I was all set to #ThinkKit about something else, but then I saw an almost-duck murder.
Gave myself a pep talk, but it just might help you too.… #ThinkKit
Photo: #THINKKIT Put Down Your Blog - Logo Concepts
Perspective in art, design, life. By @sarahherbert18 » #ThinkKit
"I'm giving you the squishy bear hug you like to give others. You've got this." - @chisherman //… #ThinkKit
RT @mrsguggs: My 4th #ThinkKit post (I'm way behind!) - What am I most looking forward to in 2015?…
TK 2014 (13): Put Down Your Blog #ThinkKit
Hey #ThinkKit, I attempted a pen self portrait, oy vey.
Already got my #ThinkKit post for the day done. Feel free to read my chicken scratch.…
RT @ThinkKit: Today’s #ThinkKit prompt: Pick up a pen and write something by hand. Then photograph & blog it!
Running behind on my #thinkkit posts, but I got an important letter written:…
Mulligan – #ThinkKit Day 12
What do I wish I could redo this year? Make a goat video, of course.… #thinkkit
Mulligan ballons… save ‘em for the small stuff. #ThinkKit
Hey guys, @Efriedland wants to wish you a happy festivus » #ThinkKit
Beautiful cat! Er, I mean, audienceship! RT @zeesouthcombe: Hi, I'm Shadow #ThinkKit blogging prompt response.
Powerful post by @Jen_fu » "I felt something up there. Even though I’m an atheist.” #ThinkKit
Love this take on today’s prompt! RT @mjheeke: TK 2014 (12): Whee! Let's do that again! #ThinkKit
Ever had head-heart disconnect? @elizabethheil’s new #ThinkKit blog »
TK 2014 (12): Whee! Let's do that again! #ThinkKit
Do-overs? Mulligans? Not if you want to keep moving, in life or in business. #ThinkKit
Don't want a mulligan for yourself? Give someone else a do-over! #ThinkKit
New prompt: We've put a quarter in the slot – free play! Hit the reset button on a moment this year: what would you do over? #ThinkKit
Hi, I'm Shadow #ThinkKit blogging prompt response.
Hi, I'm Blank - #ThinkKit Day 11
New blog: Hello, I am... an old friend #ThinkKit
#ThinkKit 11: Hi, I'm ___ - Futbol Friends
"Lean in. You never know where a simple “Hi, I’m ______” can lead you.” - @YangHoff // #ThinkKit
A tale of social media showing its worth » by @noraleona #ThinkKit
Catching up with #ThinkKit talking about my 3rd place: the record shop, & a little personal history.…
I got tired of writing about myself for #ThinkKit every day, so today's Day 11 post is total fiction.…
This was indeed a year for Futbol in Indy. @tatumteresa’s biggest friend funnel of the year » #ThinkKit
Even though I went to Tanzania, my wildest story of the year is from Florida. @ThinkKit… #ThinkKit
#ThinkKit - "Hi, I'm ______" - Afternoon. Lunch rush. City Market.  Mind was already made up prior....
We're suckers for a baby photo! RT @jennzking: My nephew is so awesome I had to #ThinkKit blog about him!
Buddies, booze & bikes were my favorites days this summer.… #ThinkKit
So behind on #ThinkKit, but this one's about love so it's okay right?…
My nephew is so awesome I had to #ThinkKit blog about him!
RT @robeveretts: My name is _____. Call me inspired. #thinkkit
I haven't really tweeted about it much, but I am trying to do the #ThinkKit thing this year at cc @ThinkKit
I stalked this fella, and he and his friends gave me an a-ha moment » #ThinkKit
Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen nuns at Flatwater? My #ThinkKit blog for both of these subjects:
Sometimes weird things happen..... #ThinkKit Day 10
Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen nuns at Flatwater? My #ThinkKit blog for both of these subjects:
#ThinkKit 10: Weird. Wild. Wacky - Just Fetch
Feels like I aged a lot in this one year. My strange realization came at a concert… #ThinkKit
RT @Efriedland: .@ThinkKit asked what I would wish for if I had a magic wand. World peace? Puppies? Nah. My wish relates to my boobs.
RT @AllyDenton: Last night's @ThinkKit post on looking ahead to 2015:…
#ThinkKit Day 10 - Looking back at my summer road trip. MegaBus and bicycles and music, oh my!…
Hey guys, @robbyslaughter needs a Christmas gift… #ThinkKit
That is a strange coincidence! RT @EmmaLindhagen: Nearly forgot about today's #ThinkKit prompt, but here it is:
Where your alter ego reigns supreme… @danielfahrner got weird and wacky for #ThinkKit »
Starting #thinkkit a little late. Weird, wild, wacky you say?
Weird Wild Wacky – #ThinkKit Day 10
Nearly forgot about today's #ThinkKit prompt, but here it is:…
a new year is too much pressure! let's think of other ways to parse time. #thinkkit…
Well I can think of a few coincidences, right @staleybooks ? #ThinkKit
RT @AshleySieb: If I had a magic wand, I would eliminate self-doubt (and McRib sandwiches):… #thinkit @SmallBox #31d…
Today’s prompt: What's your strangest story from last year? Let's get weird! » #ThinkKit
Our team, doing their #ThinkKit thing: “2014 was something of a dress rehearsal.” - @jebbanner //
#ThinkKit 9: Just Can't Wait - Stories
2015 is going to be all about Home Sweet Home #ThinkKit…
"Wave that wand & give everyone the inclination to talk to people who aren’t like them.” @robbyslaughter // #ThinkKit
Caught up with the #ThinkKit posts, day 9 is short and sweet.
Great expectations for 2015 #ThinkKit Day 9
Somehow running completely shanghaied my 2015 wish list. Who have I become?! #ThinkKit
Time to catch up on my #thinkkit posts
My #ThinkKit post for the day. I'm getting mawwied.
2015 is going to be a great year:… #ThinkKit
#ThinkKit post: Aloha to one of the best days of 2014
RT @SmallBox: Guess what @drew_now has done for 3.7% of the nights in his life: #ThinkKit
Where is that soapbox of mine? #ThinkKit day 8
#ThinkKit - Day 9 - Just Can't Wait - THINKKIT - DAY 9 - JUST CAN’T WAIT The calendar still says 2014, but...
Just Can't Wait - #ThinkKit Day 9
TK 2014 (9): Just Can't Wait #ThinkKit #SummerSolstice
And on Day 9 of #ThinkKit, I picked a MONTH I'm looking forward to so I didn't have to pick one specific event.
#ThinkKit - 2 cents - Whether you asked for it – or not – what good advice did you get this year? Did it...
RT @zeesouthcombe: Writing today's #ThinkKit response, and Just Can't Wait To Be King pops in my head, and a morning of listening to #Disne…
Blogging prompt - Oh, I just can't wait to be king(ess) #ThinkKit
.@rachelrubes Fully backed!
What am I looking forward to in 2015? The winter to be OVER.… #thinkkit
Today's #ThinkKit blog asks what we're looking forward to in 2015. I posted my answers - what about you?…
More @ThinkKit action. Talking about 2015 and all that fun stuff I "Just Can't Wait" for. #thinkkit…
Thanks to #thinkkit I'm reflecting on 2014- the good and the bad- and looking forward to 2015.…
New prompt! The calendar still says 2014, but let's push forward. What are you looking forward to in 2015? #ThinkKit
Down with the soul-suck. Thanks for the brave post, @chisherman » #ThinkKit
Advice from @BeeFain to keep the grey hairs away » #ThinkKit
Our team doing their #ThinkKit thing: @sara_mc asked for 2¢ and got it »
Our team doing their #ThinkKit thing: @tatumteresa wrestled with a big choice. Which beach to go to! »
Our team doing their #ThinkKit thing: @sparksfly712 urges you to just ask »
Our team doing their #ThinkKit thing: "We all have the same chance to create.” - @drew_now //
Our team doing their #ThinkKit thing: @lydiology rants an open letter »
Out team doing their #ThinkKit thing: @lydiology rants an open letter »
RT @zeesouthcombe: Blogging prompt - Rant of the Year #ThinkKit
#ThinkKit: A Thousand Words - 2014 in Pictures via @BNHarris3
#ThinkKit Day 2: Flip the script via @BNHarris3
Catching up on @ThinkKit Aloha to my newfound love. Yep, it's a turntable:… #ThinkKit
#ThinkKit Two days this month so far without time to do a blog post. Oops! I knew this month was gonna get busy! :*(
Now that I have my 8th #ThinkKit blog done I can go back to reading @rainbowrowell's "Landline." I finished "Eleanor & Park" earlier today.
Since I am not writing down to the wire for #ThinkKit tonight, I can dive into a new book.
Rants & Raves - #ThinkKit Day 8
#ThinkKit 8: Lifeline - Top 10 Views
Catching up on #ThinkKit posts and this one inspired me! Great words by @sara_mc:…
A rant that needed two disclaimers. Books, Meet Vinyl (Please) » #ThinkKit
I think I managed to rant a little *and* take a lifeline all in one #ThinkKit post:…
"Hello, I love you." #ThinkKit
Just wrote my #ThinkKit “soapbox” post. It’s about self-righteous people & now I feel self-righteous about it. So now I will scrap it.
A #ThinkKit post dedicated to the F-word:
#ThinkKit Day 8: Lifeline 2 - A Sit Down
Writing a list of rantables for the soapbox #ThinkKit prompt. Apparently I have a lot to rant & rave…
Potentially panic-inducing calendar screenshot… and how we try to create space despite it. #ThinkKit
Today's #ThinkKit asked us to talk about an issue we were passionate about this year. There was no contest.…
Ranting and raving about annoying kids in public places. Sorry parents!… #thinkkit
.@welcometostacey We promise not to retract any of our prompts :) You can do it!
.@mattdantodd We'll still be here when you're ready :)
So far, I'm a #ThinkKit failure this year. And this week doesn't look too promising. Maybe I can catch up after Christmas?
I'm a little behind, but I'm catching up! A new blog post on what was in "third place" this past year. #ThinkKit…
Getting on my soapbox about rally cries on the @SmallBox blog » #ThinkKit
Great post by @the_ward on nuance in language. #ThinkKit
Because sometimes, you just need to rant and/or rave on a Monday:… #ThinkKit
RT @zeesouthcombe: What would I change? Nothing. #ThinkKit
RT @chisherman: Fell a few days behind, but now I'm all caught up on my #thinkkit posts:
What’s your North Star? #ThinkKit
#ThinkKit 7: Alla-Kazam - Raise the Roof
Been thinking about it all day, but struggling to write my #ThinkKit post. Maybe y’all can help. What changes once you discover purpose?
My life is so boring that I blogged about sushi, my second love.… #thinkkit
RT @ThinkKit: @SquidHead79 But about that reality TV thing… maybe a second wand for you. #ThinkKit
You were named after a Miss America contestant?! RT @JaneOfIndy 7 days of #ThinkKit blogging. Can't stop, won't stop.
"If I had a magic wand I’d make it so that people always heard what others meant to say.” - @the_ward // #ThinkKit
Alla Kazam! - #ThinkKit Day 7
7 days of #ThinkKit blogging. Can't stop, won't stop.…
Think Kit (Day 7): When I am Queen... #ThinkKit
I took the "I wish for world peace" answer for today's #ThinkKit so y'all could think of better ones. You're welcome.…
Big question today! What would you transform, create, or make disappear in 2015? #ThinkKit #ThinkingHard
Today’s #ThinkKit prompt: Wave your magic wand – whoosh – what would you transform, create, or make disappear in '15?
Kazam! #ThinkKit Day 7, what would I use my magic wand for? Keep it clean.…
#ThinkKit 6: Third Place - Places
Third Place - #ThinkKit Day 6
Cut it close with this one! I wrote on the Wordpress app in the car on the way to/from a holiday party. (Promise I wasn’t driving) #ThinkKit
Because who doesn’t want to earn double rainbow and ninja dog badges? Whilst becoming more thoughtful: #ThinkKit
Home, work, and where did the rest of the day go? #ThinkKit Day 6
Nobody ever succeeded by visualizing failure. #DreamChaser #thinkkit #successtip
What did I say "aloha" to in 2014? Yoga! Here's my third #thinkkit post:…
Think Kit (Day 6): Flipside - Suburban Adventure #ThinkKit
Blogging Prompt: Work, Home and Play #ThinkKit
I didn't feel like writing a #ThinkKit blog today. So I wrote a haiku instead.…
Me like today's #ThinkKit prompt!
Today I wrote about my love of @CalvinFletchers while at @CalvinFletchers for @Thinkkit day 6. #Thinkkit
Do you have a third place? @jebbanner’s is @petite__chou » #ThinkKit
.@ThinkKit, I fumbled on the second day, but I'm now caught up! #ThinkKit
Happy first weekend of #ThinkKit! (Oh, and December, too!) How has your blogging gone so far?
#ThinkKit: A Thousand Words - 2014 in Pictures via @BNHarris3
Barely made it! - #ThinkKit 5: Aloha - Judy and the Dream of Horses
I suppose it wouldn’t be #ThinkKit if I didn’t bawl my eyes out at some point.
This is your brain on reminiscence: Part of me is construction. #ThinkKit
Oh yeah! @athosey’s first SmallBox blog is live » #ThinkKit
Aloha @ThinkKit! It's my #ThinkKit Day #5 post:
Jane of Indy: Hello to the Written Word (#ThinkKit Day5)…
RT @EmmaLindhagen: Today's #ThinkKit prompt post is about... Twitter, actually:…
Blogging Prompt: Hello / Goodbye #ThinkKit no. 5
My #ThinkKit Day 5 blog is about saying "hello" to the written word. I wrote a blog about writing! How meta is that?…
Grass mud horse (for your list of things not to say in public) #ThinkKit
#ThinkKit Day 5 prompt is live: Aloha! Unfortunately, we're not writing this from Hawaii:…
#ThinkKit Day 2: Flip the script via @BNHarris3
.@smoverpeck Glad to have you aboard!
I'm playing #ThinkKit catchup! Here's my Day 1 post - my year in photos:…
RT @sara_mc: @jeremyhouchens @jennybanner You two inspired another blog post. Remember giving me this advice at Perk Up?
Rental car buses & flight delays kept me from feeling creative tonight. advice I learned today was "go with the flow" #travelwoes #ThinkKit
Fridays with the Fords: #ThinkKit Day 4 - Words By Which I'm Living | @thinkkit…
A beautiful response RT "@staleybooks: The best two cents I've spent this year #ThinkKit Day 4"
#funnystory my dad killed a squirrel once » #ThinkKit
"My inner monologue is telling me to start over again.” - @SquidHead79 // #ThinkKit
Haa @joewtatum laughing at my #ThinkKit post ‘cause somehow I managed to “tack football on at the end” 😂😂
#ThinkKit 4: 2¢ – Somewhere Between Paradise and Paraga
Do you ever ask for advice just because? #ThinkKit
It's day 4 of @thinkkit! Guess what the best advice I rec'd this year was....#ThinkKit
#TBT to Sunday, October 19. #Mykonos #Greece --> new post soon on for #ThinkKit.…
The best two cents I've spent this year #ThinkKit Day 4
Today's #ThinkKit blog is about some good advice I was given this year.…
RT @mrsguggs: Today's #ThinkKit post about advice received in the past year. Mine's short and sweet:…
.@StephanieSnay It's true – finding time to write can be tricky!
Day 4 of @ThinkKit – We're All Cavemen Here – about creation & artistic process. And Nick Cave:… #ThinkKit
I know it's only day four, but I've impressed myself by staying on track so far. My #ThinkKit post of the day:
Laughed pretty hard @bblstrdrum's Deck the LOLS #ThinkKit post! Bingo.
Running a bit behind on my blog post tonight, but I haven't forgotten #ThinkKit, just have housework 😝
Lady friend had to give me advice to not watch wrestling on a Monday night?? #ThinkKit…
.@brbrewpub and their delicious veg options make an appearance in @JAFigy's #ThinkKit post:…
#ThinkKit (Day 4): 2¢ - A Word of Advice from Natasha at @femmeography -
Keeping it short & sweet for @ThinkKit today, I think the advice speaks for itself. #ThinkKit
.@BeeFain Welcome! And don't worry...there aren't any due dates :)
.@zigged What can we say...we're trendsetters! But it would totally be cool if @anildash got on the #ThinkKit train ;)
I'm late to the #ThinkKit game, but I'm catching up! Sort of.
Hey, @Articulate_indy, you made a @ThinkKit appearance... RT @jlodovisi: Freeeeeeeeedom! #ThinkKit
Who’s your enemy? @mdotslash wants to know! #thinkkit
A #ThinkKit blog about drowning in good advice, and when good advice isn't a good thing…
RT @zeesouthcombe: Two Cents: Good Advice This Year #ThinkKit
Two Cents: Good Advice This Year #ThinkKit: via @zeesouthcombe
.@clkamm Don't worry, there is no "late" in #ThinkKit !
A graceful dove, that Dan. RT @indydandark: how I broke a Christmas tree last year is worth sharing.… #ThinkKit
A Christmas story that would make even Scrooge LOL by @indydandark » #ThinkKit
I'm late on this #ThinkKit post, but the story of how I broke a Christmas tree last year is worth sharing.… For my #ThinkKit blog, I asked people about their enemies.
Today's #ThinkKit post is about writing advice!…
#ThinkKit, day 3. A little late, but here it is! My Dad's Name is Harry Babipay.…
#ThinkKit Writing Prompt: 2¢ - What good advice did you get this year? #blogging
Tricky #ThinkKit prompt today, will have to give it a good long think…
I'm so glad I found #ThinkKit. I've spent the past couple of months feeling guilty for not blogging more & this has been the push I needed.
.@kellymillspaugh And now that song is stuck in my head! I guess we asked for it with the subject line :)
Another blog started with #ThinkKit - Welcome to the blogging world, @kimberlyedallas!
Day 3 of @ThinkKit – Masters of Mass & Velocity – or, why you shouldn't ask me for moving advice:… #ThinkKit
Never say never, and other lessons from the unicorn of meaning. #ThinkKit
.@zeesouthcombe We'll settle for a chuckle and/or a wry smile :)
This is the photo for my in-progress #ThinkKit post... Down to the wire on this one.
#ThinkKit Day 3 - you want funny? new employee (me) walks into the office, spills beer on ceiling. captured on video…
what makes me laugh? #thinkkit day 3's answer is here: Spoiler! it's @ProBirdRights @SeinfeldToday @LosFelizDayCare
#ThinkKit Day 3: That's Not My Ann
Disaster? Or hilarious story that will last a lifetime? #ThinkKit Day 3
The story of a failed rock kick: Deck The LOLs - #ThinkKit Day 3 @GBVtweets
#ThinkKit 3: Deck the LOLs - PG-13 (@yg_trece)
Posting #ThinkKit 3 soon on Today's prompt: share a funny story from the year. See…
when someone dies, we say, "never forget." Facebook says, "we won't let you." some thoughts » #thinkkit
Today's #ThinkKit prompt post is about humor, bad humor and my boyfriend.…
I had a reason to make a collage today because of #ThinkKit #GuidedByVoices #Collage
#ThinkKit Day 3: Deck the LOLs - Muppety Men
Blogging Prompt - Whovian Giggles #ThinkKit
Nice. RT @kaseybradley: I wrote a #dadpost / #radpost about my daughter & the universe scheming against me #ThinkKit
It’s a #posttoast! That makes me… glad. #gladpost RT @ThinkKit: .@kaseybradley #dadpost / #radpost might be our new favorite #ThinkKit tag!
.@kaseybradley #dadpost / #radpost might be our new favorite #ThinkKit tag!
blogging daily w @ThinkKit during Dec. this post is about memory and change and their relationship for me: #thinkkit
A short and sweet entry for day three of #ThinkKit:
Day 3 of the blogging adventure we call #ThinkKit. This is where I laugh at myself, and invite you to do it too.…
Day 3 of #ThinkKit. I need to lay off the Makers Mark for awhile.…
I wrote a #dadpost / #radpost about my daughter and the universe scheming against me for #ThinkKit…
#ThinkKit Day 2 - Flip the script - "I want to find my birth parents."… @ThinkKit #blogging #adoption
#ThinkKit - Flip The Script - "I want to find my birth parents" - THINK KIT - Flip The Script - “I want to...
.@staleybooks I just checked the handbook, and we will accept live video/vlogging :)
#ThinkKit Day 2: Flip the script via @BNHarris3
great post by @sara_mc -> Beware Devil's Advocacy… #thinkkit
#ThinkKit: A Thousand Words - 2014 in Pictures via @BNHarris3
#ThinkKit Day 3 prompt! We want to hear some belly laughs:…
RT @THanleyIV: @writingbikes, just in case I don't tell you enough---you're an amazing writer. Your @ThinkKit piece moved me to tears this …
If this doesn't make you laugh today, I'm sorry "boutcha." Also, sorry Justin Sieb.… #thinkkit #funnystories
"And then we all saw rainbows." - @meggiehd //… #ThinkKit
#thinkkit, day 2. i'm a wee bit tired but here's me riffing about how I change - or how I do or don't know about it.
Fridays with the Fords: #ThinkKit Day 2 - From Paper to the Cloud --- focus on the small things.…
Catching up on #ThinkKit with post number 2...I am a runner via @wordpressdotcom
#ThinkKit : A Thousand Words - 2014 in Pictures…
A day late -my first #ThinkKit post...#bathroomgram via @wordpressdotcom PS.This is for you @trendygirlbeck xoxo
RT @anniehi: love the feeling of being part of a secret society. Thank you @SmallBox. #ThinkKit writers have the redonkulous gift of writi…
Why I stopped buying stuff from Amazon this year. @ThinkKit Day 2!… #ThinkKit
"doing the self-publishing dance” - @zeesouthcombe // #ThinkKit
Already counting down the days ’til @Gen_Con » #ThinkKit @tatumteresa
Even in the best of work situations, an imbalance can happen. I knew I needed to flip the script… #ThinkKit
Flip the Script – #ThinkKit Day 2
#ThinkKit 2: Flip the Script - Playas Gonna Play (@gen_con)
My second #ThinkKit post, a.k.a. The One Where I Bid Adieu to Soda:
Flip the Script on Change #ThinkKit
Well, I'll be damned. Today's blog challenge was right there all along. #thinkkit Posting soon
RT @staleybooks: Change? During the year of the horse? Nonsense! #ThinkKit Day 2
Blogging prompt - A change of mind #ThinkKit
Day 2 of @ThinkKit: Flip the Script, What did I change my mind about this year? #ThinkKit
Welcome aboard! RT @matterler: My first post for #ThinkKit
This is how we got this party started » #ThinkKit Launch photos!
Busted out some super exciting + big news in my latest @ThinkKit blog post!… #thinkkit #31daysofwriting #herewego
Day 2 of #ThinkKit and I'm going strong! I've even admitted I still have my baby blanket. UGH.…
Flipping my Script #ThinkKit
.@staleybooks If you flip the script, it'll be easy... ;)
Channeling some Matthew McConaughey in my Day 2 #thinkkit post… @ThinkKit
Flipping the script on devil’s advocacy… #ThinkKit
In today's #ThinkKit prompt, I talk about the #cover for Going Home:…
Today's #ThinkKit blog might prove to be difficult!
Beware devil’s advocacy! New #ThinkKit post by @sara_mc
Some lunchtime #ThinkKit blogging - appropriately, its about food.…
#thinkkit has me stumped today...
curious who is blogging during #thinkkit this year? Here's the list!…
Blogging has never struck me as my style but the #ThinkKit prompts have my creative-writing-major mind brewing!
#ThinkKit Day 2 is here! Who's flipping the script?…
“Success is a spectrum of accomplishment.” - @writingbikes // #ThinkKit
#thinkkit 2014 + my year in pictures (here I go again with the after-midnight blog posts. oy.)
winning doesn’t matter (but it’s nice) // a belated blog post about me and my competitive nature » #thinkkit
#ThinkKit 1 – 2014 in Photos
Let the 31 days of writing begin! My first #ThinkKit post from inspired by @smallbox: My Year in One Photo:…
2014 Year in Photos | #thinkkit
I'm enjoying all of the #ThinkKit blog posts. More than once I've realized that I sort-of know the person who's blog I'm reading.
A picture says thousand words... #ThinkKit
A Thousand Words - #ThinkKit Day 1
It's December, and that means it's time for #thinkkit! I'm kicking off the month of blogging with a hastag of my…
Here are a few photos from this year:… #ThinkKit
RT @clkamm: @ThinkKit blog challenge, here we go! Post #1. Way to jump right into the hard stuff!… #ThinkKit
Had a fun time looking through the year's photos for today's #thinkkit post:…
Dusting off the ol' blog for #ThinkKit ...I mean, what dust?! -->…
My first post for #thinkkit. Loved reflecting on this past year through photographs.…
My 1st post for #thinkKit A Thousand Words Where I discuss my year in photos. Thanks @ThinkKit for helping unblock
My first post for #thinkkit. @ThinkKit >> Writing about winter and this picture.…
Officially swimming in the #ThinkKit pool! My year in photos:
Of course my laptop went on the fritz when I have a work deadline looming and a #ThinkKit post to write. #storyofmylife
Bout to kick off @ThinkKit over on —it’ll prolly take me about all of this football game to finish. 😆 #ThinkKit
An Unexpected Encounter of Unrestrained Happiness #ThinkKit
My #ThinkKit post took me an hour today. I'm gonna have to lower my standards as the month progresses...that's 31 hours of writing. YIPES!
A flood of #ThinkKit posts so far! Click on the hashtag if you'd like to see who's sharing.
Hey @ThinkKit friends! Here is my year in Pictures #ThinkKit .
It's day 1 of the #ThinkKit blogging challenge and the topic is photos. Ready, set, blog.…
Jumping in with both feet! @ThinkKit blog project:… #ThinkKit
RT @zeesouthcombe: Blog prompt: A Thousand Words #ThinkKit
RT @Efriedland: Monday's @ThinkKit prompt: Pics or it didn't happen! Read about the stories behind my fav personal photos of 2014.…
Well time to jump back in the blogging game, so thank you @ThinkKit.… #ThinkKit
The first #ThinkKit blogging prompt for the month: A Thousand Words:…
A glimpse into my year as I explain the day I took a photo of a drawing of my life.… Got it? #thinkkit
We kicked off the #ThinkKit blogging ourselves! First post is up, courtesy of @AbVelda »
It’s not too late to join in! #ThinkKit officially kicked off this morning. Blog with us »
RT @jebbanner: #thinkkit starts today! Join anytime this month, get blog ideas every morning->
Was just reading my first #ThinkKit post and saw this picture of @mjheeke! :)
...and for today's @thinkkit post, I tried Corn Nuts in 2014! #thinkkit
Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words, thanks #thinkkit!…
The 12/1 #ThinkKit prompt is live! Pics or it didn't happen:…
Could’ve chosen a lot of other photos for today’s #ThinkKit, but for some reason, I kept thinking of this door knob.
MY first @ThinkKit arrived in my inbox! #thinkkit
It’s December! Making strides with my Xmas shopping and excited for #ThinkKit to start!
Here goes nothing... I'll be doing the #ThinkKit thing starting tomorrow at
Happy #ThinkKit eve! Soon there will be blogging...
RT @Efriedland: I am unreasonably excited for @ThinkKit to start tomorrow. Hooray!
#ThinkKit – Blogging for Babies by @benjicraig
Looking forward to #ThinkKit - not just for my own blog writing, but also to discover some awesome new blogging peeps.
Any #ThinkKit participants freshening up their blog over Thanksgiving? Watch out for gravy stains!
RT @factoryweek: Need some content inspiration? Sign up for @ThinkKit to get a new writing prompt every day of December!
Happy Monday, you should probably start your day with my #ThinkKit blog post. Here ya go:…
Gotta love a good scar story. My first blog post for @ThinkKit is live! Check it: #ThinkKit
You will still get the emails unless you unsubscribe, but we don't transfer names from year to year.… #ThinkKit
If you participated in previous years & plan to join again, please note you need to sign up to add your name to the public list! #ThinkKit
RT @jawbrain: "Show Your Scars: Storytelling with Courage & Heart" A @ThinkKit worthy post from @proofbranding's Jocelyn Young
@jebbanner: My first (and best) scar (w/picture!)… #thinkkit
My first (and best) scar (w/picture!)… #thinkkit
need an excuse to start blogging? Join @smallbox's #thinkkit this December!
RT @mjheeke: I want to rename my blog pre - #ThinkKit. Suggestions? Ideas?
Every December I challenge myself to the @SmallBox #ThinkKit project. I'm trying to get back in the habit early:…
if you could be any fictional character, who would you be? i don't have an answer, so i'm looking to borrow someone else's. #ThinkKit
"I just don't want to die without a few scars." This is my first time participating in a #ThinkKit prompt:
RT @EricRees: My first @ThinkKit post was oddly close to home. Thanks for the suggestion @AllyDenton #ThinkKit
Nice! RT @anniehi: thank you!! got a dose of inspiration tonight! looking forward to December prompts #ThinkKit
Had a great time learning more about #Thinkkit at @SmallBox - Wanna blog more sign up for the #ThinkKit Challenge #AddressTwo
I keep telling myself I need to get in the habit of blogging. Then I remembered that @SmallBox's #ThinkKit starts next month.
RT @EmmaLindhagen: Just signed off for #Thinkkit! Because how can you better relax after #NaNoWriMo than by daily blogging? Lol!
Psst! There's a new #ThinkKit prompt up here:…
a thank-you letter to a teacher i (initially) did not like. -or- the story of how i became a writer » #ThinkKit
Signed up fir #thinkkit and got my first prompt: the story behind a scar. May go metaphorical.
thank you!! got a dose of inspiration tonight! looking forward to December prompts #ThinkKit
Thanks to all who came to the launch tonight! Stay tuned for photos and story-sharing... #ThinkKit
More collaborative-story-writing. @JAFigy getting his type on. #ThinkKit
RT @sparksfly712: @ThinkKit there seems to be a theme developing at the party. The question is "How do you cure writers block?"
Sad I ended up having to miss the #ThinkKit launch party...pretty excited to getting writing! @ThinkKit
We're collaborative-story-writing! @drew_now gets first dibs. #ThinkKit
RT @StephanieSnay: Headed to the @ThinkKit launch party after work! My blogger friend should go:
posted earlier today, a #thinkkit piece from ... january. better late than never, right?
Getting ready for the #ThinkKit party tonight.
It’s almost party time! Can’t wait to meet some of you, and re-connect with repeat participants too: #ThinkKit
We’re having our @ThinkKit Launch Party tomorrow! Who’s coming? #ThinkKit
RT @SmallBox: @JAFigy @StephanieSnay Glad you both can come! Ain’t no party like bloggy-blog party… #ThinkKit
Will you attend? MT @SmallBox: Calling all #writers in #indy – we have a party coming up that’s for you » #ThinkKit
Calling all #writers in #indy – we have a party coming up that’s just for you » #ThinkKit
RT @kellymillspaugh: my #1989 review will be the debut posting on my fresh blog for @ThinkKit 2014. Need to get back in the writing habit b…
It's true...bloggers do have faces! See some of them at the Think Kit kick-off party on Nov. 19th:…
RT @AshleySieb: Writing / blogging friends who are looking for a writing project- join @ThinkKit via @SmallBox
Added the @ThinkKit launch party to my calendar! Who else is going? #ThinkKit #Indy
Daily #ThinkKit prompts are just over a month away! Meet 'n greet 'n eat with fellow bloggers at the launch party:…
Boo! Another new #ThinkKit prompt is up today:…
Hard to believe @ThinkKit is right around the bend. This calls for a party:… #ThinkKit
RT @jebbanner: quick question- what are 5 words you associate with #bloomington Indiana?…
New prompt up this morning! Let us know if you share your story:…
Because, admit it, you've always wondered why Kansas & Arkansas are pronounced differently:…
Yep, it's ok to blog on the August prompt in September. Or any month! View the 2014 blog prompts so far here:…
Decisions, prompt up today!… #Blogging
Check this out. New #kitchenware idea that keeps your #kitchenrocknroll! Pour garder les aliments frais #thinkkit...
Hemingway may have scoffed, but his name's on a new writing app: Would you use it?
RT @randomhouse: Romeo & Juliet 💑👰🙍🙇💊🔪💀💀 #emojireads
Need a new reading list? RT @latimesbooks: PEN announces 2014 literary award winners
A semicolon isn't hard to use; I just read an absurd comic that used several quite well. -->…
New prompt today via @jawbrain! Hark back to your childhood and get your assignment here -->…
The @NewYorker just made all their post-2007 archives free for the rest of the summer/fall. Go get some good reads!
"What, after all, is a postcard? In the age of e-mail and Instagram and Twitter, it’s a self-conscious anachronism."…
Lots of great writers coming to Indy this fall for @butleru 's Vivian S. Delbrook Writing Series:…
Some highlights from David Sedaris's recent Indy visit via @SkyBlueIndy…
On the American tradition of scrapbooking:…
RT @sparksfly712: @thinkkit June Prompt made me ask -- “Is it Hot in Here?”…
RT @sparksfly712: @thinkKit June Prompt made me ask -- “Is it Hot in Here?”…
RT @kellymillspaugh: Decided to dust the cobwebs off my blog and write the @ThinkKit June Prompt from @drew_now…
New prompt for June: Temperature Risin' -->…
Coming up soon: the Midwest Writers Workshop in mid-July! Find out more about opportunities and registration here -->
Discovered any new blogs lately? Here's one we found, couch-potato-turned-ultra-runner Steve Way:
Meet Charles Wright, America's new Poet Laureate:…
An argument for blogging…in cursive?!…
RT @seutsler: New on the blog: a @thinkkit post about fueling the creative fire What creative works have impacted yo…
.@seutsler We’re not here to judge…but it’d be pretty cool. No need to rush though…3 weeks till the next prompt :)
Even astronauts blog! Alexander Gerst will be writing from the International Space Station from May - Nov. here:…
Have you blogged on May’s #ThinkKit prompt yet? What work did you choose?…
May’s prompt about creative inspiration is up today —>… Thanks to @seutsler for the submission!
Yes, writers travel & perform! See some in the flesh June 3rd at General Public (Indianapolis) —>…
A recommendation letter...from Ralph Waldo Emerson? Not too shabby:…
What's feeding your creative rush lately? "My job as a writer is mainly to edit the creative rush." --Russell Edson…
RT @JRyanETIPerf: Competition, Collaboration, Co-existence, and Clashes | ETI Performance Blog // I took the @thinkk…
Our April prompt is up today -- Thanks to @a_feaster for the inspiration! Get the prompt here:…
What words did you have to memorize in school? Lots of James Whitcomb Riley for me.…
RT @sara_mc: ! @ThinkKit > RT @jcufaude: More hotels could do this. RT @parisreview: ...Writer-in-Residence at the @StandardEV:
Happy Birthday, Shakespeare. 450 is treating you pretty well!
Been putting off your latest blog entry? It might be genetic! RT @Slate:
RT @ChuckSambuchino: "You have to be reckless when writing. Be as crazy as your conscience allows.” ― Joseph Campbell
Ever had a letter published? RT @NewYorker: @andrewmarantz on the New York Times’s most prolific letter writer
RT @NiceGrants: It’s the final countdown to get your #Indy project idea in to! $1k! You have until 5pm.
RT @kibiorg: @ThinkKit @CircleCityStyle YES!!! You could adopt your block:… or organize a cleanup:…
RT @CircleCityStyle: Make that 4 posts in one day. I just also finished #thinkkit day 23.…
The blog is back online, and I did another #thinkkit post -- I'm jumping around a bit on the last few…
Writing in the Midwest: (thanks for the find @thriftraff)
A letter to Mr. Wilson: Anyone else felt @thriftraff's almost-death-by-sonnet? #ThinkKit
Need some writing inspiration? A lovely prompt brought to you by @thriftraff about unwritten letters > #ThinkKit
RT @thriftraff: Given that I suggested today's #thinkkit blog post, I better write it, huh? Here we go. @frequencysix @Jen_fu you should wr?
#thinkkit has challenged me to write that unwritten thank you to Mr. Wilson, a hugely important HS teacher of mine.
i designed the prompt and i will be the #promptboss. also @carrie_gaffney will write the #thinkkit prompt, longhand, in her journal.
oh yeah and @drew_now you should write the #thinkkit prompt too.
RT @AndreaSauceda: YES. LOVE. RT @jeremyawilliams: Every blogger should run their posts through here before posting: Hemingway
Word love alert! > RT @cdigang: Words, man. WORDS. One is real. Two are not. #thinkkit
Words, man. WORDS. One is real. Two are not. #thinkkit
Howdy, stranger! ?@Hazewalker: @ThinkKit @a_feaster I am very excited that one of my prompts was used. I love #ThinkKit?
RT @ThinkKit: @hazewalker Did you see this post by @a_feaster that your stranger prompt idea inspired? #ThinkKit WOW
A standout moment from last year: @usatriathlon age group nationals. #thinkkit
RT @a_feaster: Twitter as Stranger Lab.… @ThinkKit January prompt.
My self-perception hasn't changed much over the last 20 years. #thinkkit #selfportrait
LOL @ ?being a Democrat in Hamilton County can be lonely.? Lovely #ThinkKit post, @a_feaster!…
Whoa! Stephen King-esque for sure. RT @KellyWheat1: Super response to "stranger" prompt: #thinkkit
Super response to "stranger" prompt: #thinkkit
SmallBox has some open spots for a free workshop about editorial calendars w/ #ThinkKit -er @drew_now >
Hey, @ThinkKit! I feel like I covered this one:… I talk to too many strangers for anything to stand out. #ThinkKit
Add yourself to the new 2014 participants page if you're joining along with these monthly prompts: #ThinkKit
Our first monthly prompt is live - this one from @hazewalker! Share a story about a stranger... #ThinkKit
RT @Jen_fu: I've been kinda mopey of late, but this French bulldog just gave me a good talking to.
How does your budget compare to @PeteThePlanner?s breakdown? RT @zigged: January 11: Quantify #ThinkKit
January 11: Quantify #ThinkKit
Congrats! You've earned some biskweets & gwavy ;) RT @chisherman: Finally finished my #ThinkKit posts:
Finally finished my #ThinkKit posts:
RT @SmallBox: 2 polar vortex tales ? one by @jebbanner & one by @sara_mc What's your snowpoca?
Any inspirational writing promoters for January? I like #thinkkit but wasn't able to do it in December!
Calling all #ThinkKit folks! It was a great year. But we want 2014 to be even better. Can you take this survey?
RT @cawilkey1: Here are my last three @ThinkKit posts for 2013!
Overachiever! > RT @BgKahuna: Since the first, I've read almost 20 Dr. Seuss books. Almost done. #Read26Indy
RT @INHumanities: Nice! RT @KellyWheat1: Milk? Eggs? Eh. I'll be stocking up on books for the storm. #Read26Indy
We all have a bit of the crazy in us. Reflections on New Year's resolutions from @anniehi:
The story behind a secret photo: #ThinkKit
Interested in helping @cawilkey1 put on a Digital Media Summit? #ThinkKit
RT @cawilkey1: Better late than never - Here is a @ThinkKit post about a word a helped to create this year -
Reminiscing about my great grandpa Elmer.… #thinkkit
RT @ThinkKit: @zigged @a_feaster Glad you found your voice! Great writing here. Thanks for sharing #ThinkKit
RT @zigged: Brava to @a_feaster for breaking down, standing up, moving forward, and sharing it with us. #ThinkKit
My most commented on post of #ThinkKit - Twenty Miles:
My most read post of #ThinkKit - Younger Version of Me:
Stepping into new territory: #ThinkKit
You go, @HoosierJonFord, blogging all #ThinkKit, then blogging on 1/1 too. That sandwich does sound? blogworthy? ;)
I've thought the same thing the last two mornings! RT @zigged: Odd to not wake up to a #ThinkKit prompt this morning.
Can't begin to thank all of the wonderful people who participated in #ThinkKit enough. You guys are amazing.
Anyone else having that empty inbox feeling? RT @zigged: Odd to not wake up to a #ThinkKit prompt this morning.
Fridays with the Fords: Dec. 31st - another great #thinkkit comes to a close as I look to 2014 . Thanks @SmallBox!…
I will continue to write the #thinkkit posts I missed. My most recent edition: "I Coulda Been a Cheerleader"
Odd to not wake up to a #ThinkKit prompt this morning.
First time for everything! Never saw a Bible-eating puppy before. @KellyWheat1 #ThinkKit
Everything getting better: @robbyslaughter #ThinkKit