Is Think Kit happening again?
Unfortunately, in 2016 we decided to archive this project. The prompt history will still be live on this site – feel free to use them on your own!

How do I get the prompts?
If you submitted a form with your email, you'll get a daily prompt in the wee hours of the morning each day in January. Alternatively, we publish the daily prompt to the site each morning.

What happens if I don't post every day?
We promise there's no punishment or public shaming. If you don't love the prompt of the day, we offer a fair amount of lifeline topics to choose from, or you can take a day off. Or, choose your own adventure – we promise we don't mind!

How often will you email me?
Expect a daily email during January! In off months, we'll sometimes email a new prompt or some writing resources. We'll also email an invite to our launch party and notifications leading up to the project. We never share your info with outside parties! 

Wasn't this project in December in the past?
Yes, it sure was! We started that way, but realized the holidays made it difficult for people to maintain steam during December. In 2015, we decided to move the fun into January. 

Should I credit posts? How do I do it?
It's nice to let people know your post is part of a larger project. You can do it by including this in the header or footer of your post:
This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox
Today’s prompt: “_____________.”

Is there an official hashtag for Think Kit?
On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, we use #thinkkit + the current year as the hashtag – #ThinkKit15 or #ThinkKit16, for example.

Can I take creative license with the prompts?
Please do. One awesome thing about this project is the different perspectives!

Can I jump in on the project, even if it's already underway?
YES! It's ok if you don't start from the very beginning. You can go back and make up the prompts, or just pick up where things are.